Address: New Kakhovka str. Builders, 28
Phone: +38 (05549) 4-53-50, +38 050-531-44-78

Children’s charitable foundation

In 2008 , recognizing and understanding the need of society in a fair , responsible, systematic and open goodness , we have created a children’s charity "Smile ." The basis for the creation of a fund has served the idea of ​​development of a socially responsible position of the individual in modern society. Children’s Fund, New Kakhovka registered on 5 June 2008.

Children’s Charitable Foundation "Smile" - an independent private charitable foundation that unites people of honor and good faith , and is located in Ukraine, Kherson region. Fund activities aimed at supporting the younger generation and those areas of life such as health, education, culture and spirituality.



В календаре есть день, который иначе как день милосердия и доброты не назовешь, это Международный день людей с ограниченными возможностями

New Kakhovka str. Builders, 28
+38 (05549) 4-53-50
+38 050-531-44-78
Smile gloomy day brighter,
The smile in the sky rainbow wake!
Share your smile,
And it is to you more than once will be back!
Smile solar
one stop crying saddest rain!
Sleepy Forest forgiven with silence,
and clapped their hands in green!
With a blue brook
river begins,
friendship begins with a smile!
The smile will warm everybody, -
and elephants and even a little snail!
So let throughout the land
Like bulbs included smiles!